"Paradise on Planet Earth", 

Lala Randela, 2023

Have you ever been in paradise? 

Felt a sandy beach beautiful and pure? 

Did you see the water clear and clean? 

Have you seen colored fishes

 in the wild big oceans of this planet earth? 

Have you ever seen the corals orange, 

pink and green? 

Have you felt the sun

 in the pure water? 

Did you feel the wind

 in between the palm trees? 

Have you touched the pure green leaves? 

Did you climb a higher mountain, 

seems like freedom is the best to feel? 

Have you seen a colibri 

flying to a flower in a way of joy? 

Hope that we can save this planet, 

all together not alone. 

If each of us is doing something, 

maybe we could rescue it. 

Paradise on Planet Earth 

acrylics and oil pastel on chinapaper 

and a branch 

55x40 cm


Paradise on Planet Earth 5

wood panel mixed media  

200x30 cm


The boy from South Africa 

acrylics and oil pastel on chinapaper, framed

50x100 cm


Beautiful beach of Gili Islands

little wood box, mixed media  

8 x 4 x 3,5 cm


Little Buddha from Ubud on Bali

watercolor and pencil on chinapaper 

and a branch 

12x15 cm


Spirit Bird

acrylics and oil pastel on special paper 

and a branch 

120x130 cm