"All the world's a stage"
The World of Giraffe and Lala Randela



  • Giraffe
  • Sindy
  • Little Little Red Riding Hood 
  • Wolf
  • Anna      
  • Musician's 
  • Cape Malayse children
  • Lala Randela 
  • ....and many more actors


Watch the movies and become happy:

 Four month South Africa alone
with a tent, a bike, art equipment
and a self-made Giraffe puppet
started in Cape Town City through the City Center,

Art Scene,
beaches, mountains and African Jungle in 2016.



Many more adventures

all around the globe 2016 until 2024 on YouTube.




"All the world's a stage" Movie Project on YouTube

Juvenal, roman poet

William Shakespeare, english poet