born in Rostock, Baltic Sea


Art exhibitions
2004 Corporate art exhibition „Insects“ 
in DuMont-Carré Cologne 


2015 Art exhibition in Federal Ministry 
of Education and Research Bonn


2017 Corporate art exhibition in the 
gallery of A.C. Cologne/ Kölner Dom/ WDR


2023 SCHAEBENS MEETS ART , Cologne City

    2023 Castle of Dattenfeld 1619

2024 Gallery Luan Nel, Cape Town,
South Africa


Education and studies

2012 Kunstakademie Düsseldorf


2014-2017 Studies in visual arts started with the 2nd year, Alanus Hochschule Alfter 

Political Art Creations 

2016 Art expedition with Giraffe for four 
month in South Africa


2019 Inspired Harvard Speech 
by Angela Merkel


2020 Inspired Jonathan Meese 
„Lolita (R)evolution (Rufschädigenst) - 
Ihr Alle seid die Lolita Eurer Selbst!“


Art Oasis 

2020 - 2024 Artist House building project