Lala Randela

born in Rostock, Baltic Sea


Art exhibitions

2004 Corporate art exhibition „Insects“ in DuMont-Carré Cologne    


2015 I. Art exhibition in Federal Ministry of Education and Research Bonn

II. Corporate art exhibition in the former children’s home, Cologne

III. Corporate art exhibition about art project with the township Kayamandi with Visual Arts department of Stellenbosch University, Cape Town South Africa


2016 II. Four month art trip „With a Giraffe through South Africa“


2017 I. Corporate art exhibition in the gallery of A.C. Cologne/ Kölner Dom/ WDR

II. Corporate art exhibition with art association „Initiative Kunst Hennef e.V.“


2018 I. International day of culture, Taftahue e.V., Europe

II. ARTLOKAL 2018, Kabelmetall Halle, gallerist Luzia Sassen and Marc Kirschvink

2019 ARTLOKAL, art fair in kabelmetal 

2020 ARTLOKAL, art fair in kabelmetal 

2021 ARTLOKAL, art fair in kabelmetal 

Education and studies

2006 Lab in gallery Incontro from Carmen Vetere Eitorf


2010-2012 Learned by the artist Ivan Dimov in Cologne


2012 Kunstakademie Düsseldorf


2009-2013 Studies in pedagogy and art, FH Düsseldorf


2014-2017 Studies in visual arts started with the 2nd year, Alanus Hochschule Alfter



Art awards

2000 5th award at 30th international art competition from the Volksbank


2005 2nd award at 35th international competition from the Volksbank


2006 I. 2nd award at art award in Rostock,


         II. 9th award at 36th international competition from the Volksbank


2008 Art award by the audience at the art exhibition BGH Herchen


2008 Part of the facilitation space, Initiative Kunst Hennef e.V.



Abroad Projects

2015 "Footprints of life. Rewriting Art History"

with a group of artists in cooperation with Stellenbosch Visual Arts Department

and members of the township Kaymandi in South Africa

2016 Art expedition with Giraffe for 4 month in South Africa


Political Art Creations 

2018 Adventure with Giraffe in Tuscany to save planet earth


2019 Inspired Harvard Speech by Angela Merkel


2020 Inspired Jonathan Meese "Lolita (R)evolution (Rufschädigenst) - Ihr Alle seid die Lolita Eurer Selbst!"



Art Collectors 

Lala Randela's art work is in several art collections all around the world since 2012.

Her work is in an art collection in Paris in France, Cape Town in Africa, Cologne in Europe, Oslo in Norway, Washington in the USA, Berlin and in Düsseldorf in Europe. 




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